Syntha Pulvin Coatings


For over 40 years, Syntha Pulvin has been the premier architectural coating brand in Europe, offering a range of durable polyester powder coatings. Syntha Pulvin coatings are available in a wide range of finishes, including matt, metallic, fine texture, satin and high gloss formulations.

Available only through Syntha Pulvin’s approved applicator network, this one-coat system provides proven performance, outstanding quality, and durability. During our 40 year legacy not one claim has been made against the product. This trusted performance is backed by the industry’s longest guarantees.

No matter your project’s location or application – from inland urban environments to marine, swimming pool, or industrial applications – Syntha Pulvin is trusted to perform. As the UK’s first 30-year architectural coating guarantee to cover key performance parameters including color, gloss and adhesion, the Syntha Pulvin guarantee is your assurance of quality and reliability.

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AAMA 2605 Hyper Durable made to order products

How to Specify Syntha Pulvin

Specifying Syntha Pulvin® by name and quoting our product code is the only way to be certain that Syntha Pulvin is actually used on your project. Whether you use the NBS system or another system, we provide you with every resource you need to specify Syntha Pulvin. We'll even write specifications for you if you require - contact us by email for further details of this service.

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Coating Comparisons

The following table compares properties and features of various finishing alternatives:

Syntha Pulvin®Color AnodisingAcrylic Wet PaintPVDF Wet Paint
Color RangeWideLimitedWideWide
Exterior DurabilityExcellentExcellentModerateExcellent
Abrasion ResistanceVery GoodExcellentLowModerate
Impact ResistanceExcellentExcellentPoorModerate
Color ConsistencyExcellentVery PoorExcellentExcellent
On-site Repair CharacteristicsExcellentVery PoorExcellentExcellent
Applied CostModerateHighModerateHigh